‘Timor-Leste Legal Education Project Launches Website’


Dili, Timor-Leste and Palo Alto, February 1, 2012 — On January 31, 2012, the Timor-Leste Legal Education Project (TLLEP) launched a brand-new website, which provides accessible, legal educational textbooks to help build knowledge in Timorese universities, government institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Created in March 2010, TLLEP is a partnership program between The Asia Foundation and Stanford Law School funded by USAID. The project’s goal is to institutionalize ways for local actors to positively influence the development of domestic legal education in Timor-Leste and remedy the gap in understanding and implementation of the law.

TLLEP developed the first-ever legal textbooks based on Timorese laws. These texts are written in clear, concise prose, making them accessible to the broadest possible audience. The publications draw on hypothetical legal situations, discussion questions, and current events. The new website’s first-of-their-kind-textbooks are available to download for free in three languages—English, Portuguese, and Tetum. In addition, the website acts as a central clearing house for information about upcoming program activities, offers additional information about the project’s work and strategic approach, and provides an avenue for constructive feedback.

Read more about TLLEP in our blog, In Asia. Read more about the Foundation’s programs in law and Timor-Leste. For media inquiries, please visit the Press Room.

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URL: http://asiafoundation.org/news/2012/02/timor-leste-legal-education-project-launches-websit/


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