Música, Amor e Educação em Timor-Leste

” The Alma Sisters are a group of physiotherapists and nuns who are based in Dili, East Timor. They look after sick, orphaned and disabled children from districts all over E. Timor. Recently they were able to build two small classrooms and a physio room- but they still need more funds to buy medical equipment, wheelchairs- and to build a new facility for the children with special needs.
Many of the children they work with have Cerebral Palsy – and the quality of life for these children have increased tenfold.

If you want to learn more or make a donation; please visit:

Recently Paulie Stewart (Dili Allstars) and Esra Ozege (philanthropist) visited East Timor to take over a shipment of kids shoes generously donated by the Wiggles. They were able to shadow the sisters on their rounds in two very poor districts, and watched the sisters and out the shoes to where they were needed most. For more information on that, visit:


Jessica Carrascalão Heard is singing an East Timorese Folk Song arranged by the Dili Allstars – translated it means; Poor child or orphan in need. Available on the Dili Allstars best of ABC album.

Thank you.” ( )

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