Timor Leste Disability Working Group | Annual General Meeting

Disability Working Group to hold its Annual General Meeting

The Timor Leste Disability Working Group is holding it’s first Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 21st of July at Joao Paul II, Comoro, with registration starting at 8:15am.

People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups of people throughout the world. They are more likely to be sexually or physically abused, and have reduced access to healthcare and education when compared with the general population. It is estimated that approximately 10% of people throughout the world have a disability.

Timor Leste 2004 Census data reveals that 12% of households have a household member living with some form of disability. Currently in Timor Leste, services and opportunities for people with disabilities are extremely limited. Timor Leste is one of the countries yet to sign and ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Without significant development and co-ordination within the disability sector, life for people with disabilities in Timor Leste will only become increasingly difficult.

The Timor Leste Disability Working Group (DWG), is an umbrella group made up of national and international representatives from both government and NGO sectors. It has a role of co-ordination, and acts in a professional advisory capacity to policy makers on issues affecting the welfare of people with disabilities in Timor Leste. The aim of the DWG is to bring together all people involved in the disability sector and advocate to ensure the development of a comprehensive national approach to rehabilitation, equalisation of opportunities and prevention of disabilities.

Anyone working on disability related issues or programs, or with a particular interest in disability are encouraged to attend the AGM. Nominations for a new executive committee are now open. For further information please contact: dwgtimorleste@gmail.com

July 2009

The Organising Committee For the AGM of DWG TL” (Dulce Da Cunha, ASSERT Country Director, + 670 7275618)

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