Investigação/acção: saúde maternal

“[…] Each year, four million babies die in their first month of life, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all under-five deaths. Also every year, half a million women die in childbirth or from complications during pregnancy. The Countdown report cited a figure that grimly links these two stark stats: about half of women in the 68 priority countries undergo childbirth without skilled care or emergency obstetric services.[…]” (Report on child and maternal mortality released at the Countdown to 2015 conference in Cape Town, South Africa)

“CDU research targets mothers’ health in East Timor 8/01/2009 – A PhD candidate from Charles Darwin University is working to increase understanding of maternal health in East Timor.

Kayli Wild, who is studying through CDU’s Graduate School of Health Practice, presented a paper on the subject at East Timor’s first Health Sciences Conference in Dili recently.

The paper, entitled “Maternal health policy development: lessons for implementation in Timor Leste”, provoked discussion on the country’s current national policy on maternal health.

The policy includes a proposal that maternity waiting homes be developed to improve access to a delivery facility for women in rural areas.

Currently, about 90 per cent of women in East Timor give birth outside the health system, contributing to high rates of maternal mortality. […]” (East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin

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