20 de Fevereiro – 66º Aniversário da Invasão de Timor pelos Japoneses

Depois de uma espectacular conquista da Malásia, do arquipélago da Indonésia e do Sul do Pacífico após o ataque a Pearl Harbor, os japoneses iniciaram a invasão da ilha de Timor a 20 de Fevereiro de 1942, que na altura era dividida por duas potências coloniais, a Holanda a ocidente e Portugal a Leste.

Sexual Violence Against East Timorese Women During the Japanese Occupation

“At the comfort station I was called “Hanako” and had to serve about 20 Japanese solders a day. When the work was over, I couldn’t even stand and walk. It was very hard, but I never thought of running away. I thought that if I did, my parents would be killed.” – Lim Fa In served in a comfort station in Aileu.

An estimated 200,000 Asian women were victims of sexual violence by Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of a number of Asian and Pacific Island nations in World War II. Most documented cases are in Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan although hundreds of women in Indonesia, Thailand, China and Portuguese Timor (now East Timor) also served as “comfort women” to Japanese soldiers in the region. Since 2000, at least 20 East Timorese women have testified at public hearings in Japan and East Timor on their experiences as “comfort women.” Many women have also testified on sexual violence by Indonesian troops during Indonesia’s illegal 24-year occupation of East Timor, which began in 1975.

Barely out of their teens and some not even having reached puberty, Timorese girls and women were seized from their homes and sent to “comfort stations” near Japanese military camps to provide sex to Japanese soldiers. Raped by soldiers, forced to provide sex to a number of men each day or required to serve as a “local wife” to Japanese officers throughout the occupation, women endured sexual and emotional humiliation

Japanese Occupation

Japanese forces landed in East Timor on February 20, 1942, as part of Imperial Japan’s campaign to secure Timor in preparation for an assault on Australia. Eventually, the total number of Japanese soldiers in East Timor numbered 12,000. An estimated 40,000 East Timorese were killed as a result of the Japanese occupation.




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